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To franchise or not to franchise; that is the question

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If the Cowboys are going to franchise anybody they have until 4 PM today to get it done. The idea of franchising Flozell is pretty much dead in the water. Forking out $9 million doesn’t appear palatable to the Cowboys nor should it. But there is still the possibility they could franchise Ken Hamlin.

...a source said if the team franchises anyone it would likely be free safety Ken Hamlin.


Economically speaking, the franchise tag makes sense for Hamlin as it would require the Cowboys to commit to a one-year, $4.3 million contract for next year if the two sides can’t agree on a long-term deal.

Interestingly, the last time the Cowboys franchised a player it was Flozell Adams.

The Cowboys haven't designated a franchise player since 2002, when Adams was given the tag worth $4.92 million. The next season, Adams signed a five-year, $25 million contract that has since expired.

I had kind of forgotten, but the Cowboys never officially hired Brett Maxie. It looks like they might get that done soon.

The Cowboys are close to finalizing a deal to hire Brett Maxie as assistant defensive backs coach, according to multiple sources.

Todd Archer takes a look at our linebackers.

Mickey Spags does what he does best; using five million words to talk about the offseason. If Mickey got paid by the word, he could buy Jerry Jones.