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Dom Capers hired in New England

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The DMN reports Dom Capers has been hired by New England to be their secondary coach.

The Patriots announced today that they've hired Dom Capers as their secondary coach, replacing the deposed Joel Collier.

It was speculated that Capers might not accept a job as a position coach and that he would not fit in Dallas. Obviously Capers was truthful when he said he would not take the job if it made Brian Stewart uncomfortable.

Stewart better have his defense playing out of their minds this year after keeping one of the greatest 3-4 innovators from coming to Dallas.

Hat tip to Deke for first posting in his diary, here


The Dallas Cowboys franchised Ken Hamlin today just as I believed they should. The Star-Telegram reports:

The franchise tag on Hamlin is a one-year deal worth about $4.4 million. This is the first time the Cowboys have used the franchise tag since 2002, when they applied it to left tackle Flozell Adams.

This is economically sound and lets the Cowboys keep a Pro Bowl safety without breaking the bank. The team now has all year to work out a long term deal with Hamlin. The remaining cap room will allow the team to sign its other free agents but it seems that Flozell Adams will not be a part of that group. The two sides might agree on a deal but his asking price may be too high; if so I see Adams ending up with a team desperate for a tackle of his skill and willing to pay the contract he is seeking. On the other hand the Cowboys franchising Hamlin could mean they believe they can work out a deal for less than the $9 Million price franchising Flozell would have cost them.


The DMN reports that Zach Thomas may not wait until next week to meet with the Cowboys.

But because of overwhelming demand for his client, Rosenhaus said that Thomas may make his way here to Indy, where he can meet with multiple teams, in which case the Dallas meeting might get moved up and held at the combine to save everyone the trouble.

The interest in Thomas continues to grow and that could mean his chances of ending up in Dallas are slim. If teams get into a mini bidding war over Thomas Dallas should bow out quickly as the price he would garner would be too high for a position the Cowboys already have relative depth at.