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Free Agents 2008: Quarterbacks

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The short list of quarterbacks expected to hit free agency:

Rex Grossman (Age 27) – Chicago; 54.2% comp, 1,411 yards, 6.3 avg., 4 TD, 7 INT (7 games)
Daunte Culpepper (Age 30) – Oakland; 58.1% comp, 1,331 yards, 7.2 avg., 5 TD, 5 INT (6 games)
Josh McCown (Age 28) – Oakland; 58.4% comp, 1,151 yards, 6.1 avg., 10 TD, 10 INT (9 games)
Quinn Gray (Age 28) – Jacksonville; 55.6% comp, 986 yards, 6.8 avg., 10 TD, 5 INT ( 4 games)
Cleo Lemon (Age 28) – Miami; 56.0% comp, 1,773 yards, 5.7 avg., 6 TD, 6 INT (7 games)
J.T. O’Sullivan (Age 28) – Detroit; 50% comp, 148 yards, 5.7 avg., 1 TD, 2 INT (1 game)
Chris Redman (Age 30) – Atlanta; 59.7% comp, 1,079 yards, 7.2 avg., 10 TD, 5 INT (4 games)
Billy Volek (Age 31) – San Diego; No significant stats in 2007

The Cowboys backup quarterback is Brad Johnson, a steady veteran but who's arm strength is suspect and will be turning 40 as the season starts. The Cowboys would be smart to think about the future backup situation behind Romo and some think that Johnson isn’t expected back in 2008. The Cowboys seemed to be set with a third quarterback in Matt Moore but the team was unable to sneak him onto the practice squad. Dallas might draft another late round quarterback to compete with Richard Bartel for the backup quarterback position but most likely will look to sign a free agent to try out in training camp.

If any significant free agent fails to be signed early in the off season the Cowboys could take a look at one of these guys. The only one that jumps off the board as a decent contributor is Chris Redman but Atlanta will look to resign him to play ahead of a franchise quarterback they are expected to pick in the draft. Quinn Gray and Cleo Lemon could also be solid backups plus the fact Lemon played briefly under Jason Garrett. For the third quarterback position the financial choice would be to pick up another undrafted free agent and develop him next to Bartel and hope that this time the Cowboys can keep him.