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Dallas Cowboys and Flozell Adams "in the same neighborhood" in contract talks

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Hey, hey; I like to hear news like this even if it’s just an anonymous source. The word is that the Cowboys and Flozell Adams are talking numbers and they might be capable of getting a deal done.

The Cowboys and potential free-agent left tackle Flozell Adams are "in the same neighborhood" for a contract extension, an NFL source said.

It would be a multi-year deal, possibly four years.

OK, that’s pretty flimsy but it makes you think that there’s a possibility of getting something done. With Ken Hamlin on board if we can get Flo signed, the offseason would be off to a very good start. Plus, JJT would be very happy.

For those hoping the Tuna might take Bobby Carpenter off our hands, another NFL source says it ain’t happening.

One NFL source said the Miami Dolphins, which plan to run the 3-4 defense, are not interested in trying to trade for Carpenter. There was some thought he could find a home in Miami via a trade because it was Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland, both of whom are with the Dolphins now, who selected him in the 2006 draft.

It will be interesting to see what the Cowboys plan to do at linebacker because it appears they have a real interest in Zach Thomas. They met with him today and Wade had this to say.

"Let's see if it comes to fruition as far as us getting something done with him," Phillips said. "We're just looking for good players. He's a good player that's out there. It's a little like [Ken] Hamlin was last year."

The same article says that Ken Hamlin has no problem with being tagged as the franchise guy, he's happy that the Cowboys want him and they’ll work towards a long-term deal. The Cowboys are also going to discuss a long-term deal for MB3 with Drew Rosenhaus. Also, Phillips confirms that Brett Maxie will be joining the staff.

Nick Eatman talks the economics of free agency. His conclusion; they may call it free agency but there’s nothing free about it.