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Combine and draft talk: tidbits and other things

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There might be another star in the making from Troy University. Leodis McKelvin is a star cornerback with the attitude to back it up. Scouts are drooling. Will the Cowboys bite?

There's a buzz surrounding Delaware QB Joe Flacco. Sporting News delves into how this Division I-AA QB's stock has risen dramatically in a QB-light draft pool.

The 'Boys might consider addressing the age issues at the WR spot in the draft. If they don't, D.J. Hackett and Drew Carter, two wide receivers drawing interest, might be a sensible consolation.

Don Banks has another mock draft and he has us taking Felix Jones and Dominique-Rodgers Cromartie, a name that's been popping up more and more as of late. Key quote about Cromartie:

The Cowboys need someone solid opposite cornerback Terence Newman, and the likes of Anthony Henry and Jacques Reeves really isn't getting it done. Rodgers-Cromartie had a great Senior Bowl showing despite his small-school label, and the success of his cousin, San Diego's Antonio Cromartie, also adds to the first-round buzz he has generated in recent weeks.

From where I'm sitting, Henry played well this year. He had six picks. Maybe he makes the Pro Bowl if he's fully healthy. Now, Jacques Reeves, that's another story.

Do the 'Boys really wanna bet the farm on Darren McFadden? Anyone with fantasies of acquiring the phenom don't read Spags article on the topic. He tries his best to interrupt the wet dream of a D-Mac/MB3 backfield.

Shorter Spags: We don't need him, we're fine without him, quit trippin'. But we all know Spags doesn't do short cuts when explaining things. So here he takes the long cut:

Also, while the Cowboys didn't have a LaDainian Tomlinson or Adrian Peterson or Brian Westbrook, the combination of Jones and Barber accounted for 1,563 yards on 363 carries, 12 touchdowns and a 4.3-yard average. None of those lead dogs rushed for more yards, and only Tomlinson rushed for more touchdowns (15).  

Not only that, when it came to tandem backs - the combined yards of the top two rushers from each team - Jones-Barber finished 11th with the 1,563 yards. But consider they were within 43 yards - the Washington game? - of five other tandems. And, of those 10 tandems ahead of them, only six averaged more yards per carry than their 4.3.  

Ya'll with me with all this still? Catching my drift?  

Again, I'm not arguing against the Cowboys picking up a running back the first day of the draft, assuming Jones is not coming back. Barber, no matter what you think of him, needs a zig-zagging complement back there.  

It's just that the Cowboys don't need to spend their future to acquire the guy considered the "best" running back in the draft. The third or fourth guy, paired with Barber and this high-powered passing offense, will do just fine. Then, on top of that, maybe I find me a corner or wide receiver, or both better yet, that first day of the draft.

Wouldn't that be something?  

McFadden is the talk of the combine and will be the talk of the draft. Rashard Mendenhall is also drawing considerable interest. But so is Jonathan Stewart, who is a big fan of himself.

Everybody is a fan of speed. And Jamaal Charles has plenty of it. Like Neo-dodging-bullets-like speed. He's included in a wrapup of the best junior RBs here.

Will the 'Boys take a look at Mendenhall, Stewart or Charles? Will they be available? I doubt Mendenhall or Stewart will be but Charles might.

Ok. One of the great things about the Patriots losing was watching Albert Breer of the DMN blog eat his words about how great the Patriots were. He's a great writer. But in my humble opinion, he was carrying water for the Patriots. Big time.

But he has a point about the Spygate controversy. For those Cowboy fans who admonish the Patriots for cheating, apparently, so did Jimmy Johnson. And he's not afraid to say it.

Ok. I'll jump off my high horse about it. My parting shot would be: at least he didn't get caught! Ha!