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Eatman shoots down Hall rumor, but adds to Moss rumor

Nick Eatman throws cold water on one ‘rumor’ and speculates on another. First up, the Cowboys aren’t interested in trading for DeAngelo Hall.

But at this point, it doesn’t appear the Cowboys have any strong interest in acquiring Atlanta’s disgruntled cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who has recently stated he will not play for the Falcons in 2008.

Hall, a first-round pick in 2004 (eighth overall), is so unhappy in Atlanta that it seems the Falcons are just as ready to ship him out. In fact, the Falcons have called a few teams inquiring a trade, including the Cowboys.

The word is, the conversation didn’t even last long enough to see what it might cost to acquire him.

That’s pretty much to the point. They didn’t even stay on the phone long enough to see what it would take. Maybe they are waiting on Pacman Jones. OK, not really, but the Ranch Report has a long article on that possibility.   Here’s Pacman’s lawyer discussing the Cowboys.

"Jerry Jones is a strong owner and a proven leader. Over the years the Cowboys have given players with a plethora of issues another chance. The Terrell Owens acquisition is just a recent example. The Cowboys have enjoyed risk-taking success, and they have leaders within their player ranks. Adam will need a good group of leaders around him," said Arora.

The Ranch Report also says we’ve been talking to WR’s Eddie Royal and Devin Thomas at the combine.

Back to Nick Eatman, he says he’s also hearing the rumor of the Cowboys trying to acquire Moss but he doesn’t sound convinced.

And since we’re speculating here, word out of Indianapolis is that the possibility of Randy Moss to the Cowboys is starting to surface. Not sure if that has any legs at all, so for now, let’s keep that strictly in the "rumor category." Sounds tempting for Jerry Jones, considering he still might haunted by not taking Moss back in 1998. But still, you wouldn’t think the Cowboys would have the cash to get that done. And T.O. and Moss together? That deserves a "wow" for so many reasons.

Eatman also looks at the state of our current free agents and nothing much has changed. We want to re-sign Flozell but it looks like he will hit the market. We are talking to Rosenhaus about a long-term deal with MB3, we are still going to work with Ken Hamlin on a long-term deal and I guess we are just going to tender Chris Canty.

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