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Notes on the CB's at the scouting combine

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What’s up with the NFL Network? Today’s combine coverage of the DB's only showed the second group of players. So we didn’t get a look at guys like Antoine Cason, Mike Jenkins and Leodis McKelvin. I would really have liked to see those guys doing backpedals, turning their hips or their ball skills because the 40-times alone are not the only indicator. Come on NFL Network, while I appreciate that you actually show the combine, can’t we get coverage of both groups? I mean how many times can you show Total Access or NFL Replay?

OK, back to what we did see today.

Dominique Rogers-Cromartie was flat-out impressive. Not just his 40-time but his footwork, his hips, everything about him screamed star CB. I’m very worried now that he is going to jump ahead of the Cowboys draft spots in the first round.

Aqib Talib looked pretty good to me. He had a few moments where he didn’t look as smooth in the drills as you’d like, but he still looked better than a lot of the guys who were out there.

Justin King ran a blistering 4.31 40-time. I would love to have seen his workout drills but he was part of the group that the NFL Network didn’t show. Anybody watch Penn St. regularly this year?

A guy who I thought was very smooth in the drills was USC CB Terrell Thomas. I don’t know much else about him but he had a smooth backpedal and a nice turn of his hips.

Here are the top 40-times from today.

Justin King – 4.31
Tyvon Branch – 4.31
Orland Scandrick – 4.32
DRC – 4.33
Josh Barrett(S) – 4.35
Terrence Wheatley – 4.37
Tracy Porter – 4.37
Michael Grant – 4.37
Jonathon Wilhite – 4.38
Leodis McKelvin – 4.38
Mike Jenkins – 4.38

Zach Thomas talks about becoming a Cowboy.

The Star-T has notes on the slow-going negotiations with Flozell and this surprising stance on Marc Colombo.  

Cowboys president Stephen Jones said the team will not renegotiate a new contract for tackle Marc Colombo, who said earlier he is looking for a new deal. He has one year left on his contract he signed in 2007 that will pay him $2 million.