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Has Zach Thomas stolen Carpenter's jersey number and Ayodele's job?

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The Star-T has an article talking about the Cowboys merchandising department already selling Zach Thomas jerseys with the #54 on them. Oops. Isn't that Captain Caveman's jersey number?

For starters, the Cowboys are already selling No. 54 jerseys with "Thomas" emblazoned on the back on their Web site. Thomas wore 54 with the Dolphins.

The problem is that linebacker Bobby Carpenter currently wears the No. 54.

According to a source, the merchandising department might have gotten ahead of itself in marketing Thomas' jersey, considering that a number change has not been worked out with Carpenter, and that Thomas has said he would be willing to wear No. 55.

Beyond that is the more serious issue. A source close to Akin Ayodele says he thinks he'll be cut or traded. A lot of people are thinking that Thomas will take Akin's starting job, including me, an apparently so does Akin.

But according to a source close to Ayodele, Thomas' signing is an indication that Ayodele's days in Dallas are numbered.

Ayodele does not play special teams. A team normally doesn't keep a backup linebacker that doesn’t play special teams, especially with a $2.5 million base salary for next season.

"They will try to trade him or release him,’’ a source said. "Obviously, Akin is not going to be happy about it. He has done a good job here. Zach is not signing here unless he is starting. I just don’t foresee where they keep them both."