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What about Keith Davis?

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The forgotten free agent, Keith Davis.

The agent for Keith Davis said the veteran Safety will enter free agency on Friday. "We anticipate him making it to free agency," agent Curtis Stephens said. "Davis hasn't ruled out returning for a sixth season with the Dallas Cowboys; he would be interested in playing in Dallas, but we're going to keep all of our options open. While he has excelled in his role as a top-notch special teams player in the NFL, Davis wants to find a team where he can get more snaps defensively in addition to being a stalwart on special teams."

Should we even try to keep Davis?

I guess we need to keep our eye on the Miami papers. The Tuna could continue to go after some of our players.

There is speculation of Dolphins interest in Cowboys left tackle Flozell Adams, 32, who will have numerous suitors.

Hey, check it out, MB3 is being used as an example of drafting a running back in the later rounds instead of using your first round pick on one.

Bucky Brooks, a former Seattle and Carolina Panthers scout, is an NFL analyst for

"McFadden has to be a top-five pick," says Bucky Brooks, a former Seattle and Carolina Panthers scout and an analyst for "But the thing that works against him is people feel it's a very, very deep running back class.

"It's a copycat league. People see the success of (former Dallas Cowboys fourth-rounder) Marion Barber. They say, 'I can get a guy in the fourth round like that.' But McFadden is a special player."