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Free Agents 2008: Receivers

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Here is the final part in our free agent series; the short list of receivers and tight ends expected to become a free agent tomorrow at 11 pm.

Randy Moss (Age 31) - New England; 98 rec, 1,493 yards, 15.2 ave, 23 TD (16 games)
Bernard Berrian (Age 27) - Chicago; 71 rec, 961 yards, 13.4 ave, 5 TD (16 games)
Andre Davis (Age 28) - Houston; 33 rec, 583 yards, 17.7 ave, 3 TD (14 games, 8 starts)
Jerry Porter (Age 29) - Oakland; 44 rec, 705 yards, 16.0 ave, 6 TD (16 games)
Devery Henderson (Age 25) - New Orleans; 20 rec, 409 yards, 20.5 ave, 3 TD (16 games, 9 starts)
Bryant Johnson (Age 26) - Arizona; 46 rec, 528 yards, 11.5 ave, 2 TD (16 games, 8 starts)
Keary Colbert (Age 25) - Carolina; 32 rec, 332 yards, 10.4 ave, 0 TD (8 games)
Drew Carter (Age 26) - Carolina; 38 rec, 517 yards, 13.6 ave, 4 TD (16 games)
Jabar Gaffney (Age 27) - New England; 36 rec, 449 yards, 12.5 ave, 5 TD (16 games)
D.J. Hackett (Age 26) - Seattle; 32 rec, 384 yards, 12.0 ave, 3 TD (6 games)

The return of Terry Glenn is in doubt and none of the Cowboys' young wide outs has stepped up when given the chance. Jerry Jones has gone on record that Dallas is looking to upgrade the receiver position and add another dimension to the team’s high flying offense. If Jerry Jones is looking to put the team over the top then signing one of these top receivers could do the trick. The WR class in this year's draft is not as strong as it normally is and while the Cowboys certainly will be looking to see who is available, selecting a receiver in the first round is far from a given.

There are whispers that Dallas will look to sign Randy Moss which would certainly cause an uproar that would make Jerry happy. While that looks good on paper the execution of such a move would be troublesome at best especially considering the slight salary cap room the Cowboys have. Terrell Owens and Randy Moss are not known to be the best of friends as it is and both have large egos that demand the ball on every play. It would be nice to think that both could put aside their differences and make nice in order to form the most dynamic and explosive wide receiver pair in the history of the NFL but that is just a pipe dream in the end.

Dallas would be smart to take a look at Bernard Berrian who is a speedy guy and has the ability to stretch the field but might be looking to make more money than the Cowboys are willing to pay. There are many teams with a depleted receiver group desperate for a guy like Berrian but then again he may be looking to move to a true contender. Berrian has his drawbacks though; he always has a case of the drops that comes at the most inopportune time. Jerry has to ask himself whether the risk is worth the reward as Berrian could definitely step in and open things up underneath for Owens, Witten and Crayton.

Devery Henderson is also interesting as a cheap, speed guy that the Cowboys could afford and use. He had his best year in 2006 when the Saints made their dramatic run to the NFC championship game and he benefited from Sean Payton's down field passing attack, a system he could flourish in once again in Dallas. There is also the possibility that Denver releases or trades Javon Walker who is a good friend of Owens and when healthy can be an explosive player.

The Cowboys will certainly look to draft a receiver this year but a rookie receiver is far from a sure thing. Nearly all rookie wide-outs take a year or so to adjust to the pro game and the Cowboys are looking for someone who can step in this year and make a difference. There are some interesting prospects that the Cowboys will have their eye on but if the Cowboys are able to sign a free agent receiver that frees them up to narrow their focus in the early rounds of the draft.