Barber, First round Tender

There has been alot of talk since the season ended that the cowboys would tender Marion Barber at a first and third round tender, not so fast!!!

Running back Marion Barber

Contrary to earlier reports, the Cowboys will give Barber a first-round tender at $2.017 million, which would net them a first-round pick if he goes to another team, rather than the high tender of $2.56 million, which would have returned a first- and third-round pick.

This is somewhat of a surprise and risky move to me that barber would only be tendered at first round compensation, a team in the lower part of the first round might very well take a run at barber, either attempting to sign him to a big contract or place a poison pill in the contract that would punish the cowboys if Jerry was to match it. You risk losing barber over 500,000, thats what it would cost for the third round tender, that in my opinion should of been placed on barber.

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