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Waiting on Marion Barber and Flozell Adams news

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It’s coming! Free agency will hit the masses at midnight tonight and the silly season kicks into high-gear.

I’m still waiting to see the official word on what tender the Cowboys place on Marion Barber – and Chris Canty for that matter. Yesterday, Clarence Hill stated very matter-of-factly that the Cowboys will only place a first-round tender on MB3. That raised a few eyebrows on this here blog, but Todd Archer says it will probably be a 1st and 3rd-round tender.

Pro Bowl running back Marion Barber is expected to receive the highest tender, worth $2.562 million, which would require a team to fork over a first- and third-round pick if the Cowboys chose not to match an offer. Defensive end Chris Canty is expected to receive the first-round tender worth $2.017 million.

Who to believe? We’ll know by 4 PM today when the tenders have to be in. Whatever the case, there’s almost no chance of a long-term deal being worked out before the deadline so MB3 will be testing the market. The Cowboys will have the opportunity to match any offer that MB3 gets, but if the price is too high, or a poison pill is inserted, might we have seen the last of MB3 in a Cowboys uniform? I, for one, certainly hope that isn’t the case. But, as I stated before, if you can get a 1st and 3rd for MB3, and the 1st is high enough, you have to consider that.

Oh the agony of the wait! In the meantime, go over to the DMN blog and read all about MB3 through the words of the excitable Drew Rosenhaus. But keep in mind that Rosenhaus is trying to drum up interest in MB3 to get maximum dollar, so everything he says must be viewed through that prism.

In terms of our own free agent, Flozell Adams, Archer also reports that the Cowboys will be working right up to the deadline to get him signed.

Free agency begins at 11 p.m. [12 AM EST] Thursday, and there is a chance the Cowboys will go deep into the night to keep one of their own.

The Cowboys and Jordan Woy, who represents left tackle Flozell Adams, are expected to continue negotiations Thursday in hopes of keeping the veteran in Dallas for a 12th season and beyond.

One of the names that Cowboys fans have thrown around in free agency is Bernard Berrian. The guy has the wheels but it looks like he’s going for maximum dollars and the Vikings appear interested in giving it to him.

He likely will be seeking guaranteed money well above the $9.5 million {Kevin} Curtis got from Philadelphia last year. The Chicago Sun-Times reported Berrian turned down the Bears' last offer, $25 million contract over five years that included $8 million in guarantees.

I think that will be a little rich for the Cowboys liking

Hat tip to Hashmarks

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