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Cowboys tender Marion Barber at highest level, Chris Canty at next-highest

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The DMN blog has the news.

Todd Archer just passed along word that the Cowboys have tendered RB Marion Barber at the highest level, and placed the first-round tender on DE Chris Canty.

That means Barber has been offered a one-year, $2.562 million deal, and the Cowboys retain matching rights on any offer sheet presented to Barber. If the Cowboys were to decline matching an offer sheet, they'd receive first- and third-round picks in return.

Canty, meanwhile, has been offered a one-year, $2.017 million deal. The compensation for a team signing him away -- should the Cowboys decide not to match an offer -- would be a first-round pick.

Yes, smart move by the Cowboys. Now we are truly protected in regards to MB3.

We also didn't tender Tyson Thompson so he's an unrestricted free agent.