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Flozell Adams signs with Cowboys

The DMN blog reports:

The Cowboys just announced that they've inked LT Flozell Adams to a long-term deal.

Woo hoo!!!!

We rock!

Update [2008-2-28 20:54:24 by Dave Halprin (Grizz)]: From ESPN:

According to a team source, the Dallas Cowboys re-signed the four-time Pro Bowl left tackle Thursday to a six-year deal worth more than $42 million with $15 million in guaranteed money over the first three years of the contract, ESPN's Ed Werder reported.

If that's true then it's not that bad of a deal. Only $15 million in guaranteed money over the first three years? I don't know, I really want to see the year-by-year on this deal.

Hat tip to Longhorn for posting the news here.

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