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Javon Walker and Tatum Bell: Future Cowboys?

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Dallas may have an eye on two former Broncos.

Tatum Bell, a Texas native who was traded from Denver to Detroit last year, may be the change-up back to replace Julius Jones. He’s got wheels and he desperately wants to get out of Motown, although he claims speculation of trade demands were inaccurate. He was just frustrated with the lack of playing time. Apparently Dallas has shown interest and we've got plenty of playing time to spare.

Seems odd that the 'Boys would want to replace Jones with Bell. Some of the criticism that bugged us about Jones applies to Bell. He's fast but he's not going to break any tackles. He's had injury problems. He has rushed for 1,000 yards in this league and does have big play ability. Just seems like we'd be switching one type of runner for that exact type of runner. But then again, if the money is right and he understands his role as the change-up back and not the featured back, maybe that's the point. A cheaper version of Jones who's more appreciative of his chance to be part of an offensive juggernaut.

Hat tip to silverblue5 for his diary on Tatum Bell here.

Also Javon Walker has been released by the Broncos. I’ve discussed my thoughts on a potential move to get him here. Nonetheless, he’s available now. He’s also a big fan of receivers coach Ray Sherman. Key quote:

If the Cowboys are interested, then they could have a potential closer on their side.

Walker holds receivers coach Ray Sherman in the highest regard. Sherman coached Walker in Green Bay and helped him become a Pro Bowler. He was also instrumental in Walker dealing with the death of Darrent Williams last off-season.

Again, if the Cowboys are interested, money will play a part - and they don't have a lot of it at the moment - but Sherman can give the Cowboys a big advantage.

I'm notoriously fickle, so I could warm up to a Walker deal. He's a unique weapon when he's healthy. He can run, jump, make tough catches, break tackles. I just worry about his affect on our locker room. Normally, I'm not a guy who thinks all players need to get along, go out to eat and pay for each other's lapdances at the local strip club. But the fact that Walker has complained his way out of two good situations worries me. If he comes here, he's got to understand he's not the man. He's the man sitting next to the man (Jason Witten) sitting next to the man (T.O). Just saying.

Seems like Asante Samuel is headed to the Eagles. Great. That’s just what we need. Another great cornerback in Philly. Just awesome.

Hat tip to sduncan24 for his diary on the Samuel signing here.

Here’s a wrap-up of free agency news at ESPN's Harshmarks. Jerry Porter just signed with the Jags. I thought he'd be a good fit here but $30 million is way too rich for my blood. Also Jacques Reeves is visiting four teams. Have they seen some of his work in the playoff game? How 'bout the New England game? Good luck with that.

Actually, Reeves played pretty well for us. All sarcasm aside, I wish him well. I'm also wishing for an upgrade at the position.

Don Banks throws his two cents into the ring about free agency. How narcissitic do you have to be to criticize moves ONE DAY after free agency started? Anyways, he’s not a big fan of what Tuna’s doing up in Miami.

The same can't be said about Jerry Jones. Tom Orsborn believes Jerry Jones deserves a standing ovation for recent moves to sign Flo and trade Fergie.