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First Capers, now Gregg Williams - Jerry tries to corner the market

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If you’re going to go after big names for your assistant coaches, you might as well interview them all. I’m not sure how the Cowboys plan to fit all these coaches on to the staff. Apparently, we’re still waiting on an answer from Dom Capers for an undefined position. But that hasn’t stopped Jerry from interviewing Gregg Williams; for what position, we don’t exactly know. The DMN article is here and the Star-T article is here. I guess at some point Jerry or Wade will come out and tell us what position we are hiring these guys for.

But BTB-regular Keynes has the quote of the day in reference to this story: "... anyone think Brian Stewart is having trouble sleeping these days?" Ha!

MysterD has a diary here.

Congrats to the New York Giants, the new Super Bowl champions. I was rooting for those guys to pull off the upset and they did. I admit that I’m taking a little too much pleasure in the Patriots blowing the perfect season. But there was just something about the smug way they approached things down the stretch that didn’t sit well with me. You have to hand it to the G-men though, they played some truly inspired football in the playoffs and knocked off some pretty good teams in the process.

Now only if the Cowboys could figure out how to close out a season the way the Giants did.