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Post-Super Bowl Cowboys articles

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We got bested again by the New York Giants.

A record number of Americans watched Sunday's Super Bowl on Fox between the New York Giants and New England Patriots, helping justify the millions of dollars advertisers spent on commercials during the game.

Data from Nielsen Media Research on Monday showed 97.5 million U.S. viewers saw the closely fought National Football League game, making it the most watched Super Bowl in history and leaving it behind only the series finale of "M*A*S*H" in 1983 for viewership.


Previously, the 1996 Super Bowl between the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers attracted the most viewers at 94.08 million.

Considering New York and Boston are two of the largest markets in the U.S. and that the Pats were going for a perfect season, it’s no wonder this Super Bowl was such a big draw.

This will make you feel better.

When I saw the Giants hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy, I began doing the math. Let’s see, that makes three Super Bowl wins for the Giants. That matches the total of the Washington Redskins. The Dallas Cowboys have five – count ‘em – five. That’s a total of 11 Super Bowls won by the NFC East.

But wait, isn’t there a fourth team in that division?

Oh right, the Eagles. They are the one team with an empty trophy case...

This is as good a time as any to break out the photo of the Eagles’ trophy case.

Not 24 hours after the Super Bowl is over, Gary Myers has picked the Cowboys for next year’s Super Bowl.

It will be the Jaguars and the Cowboys in the Super Bowl in Tampa. The biggest negative is we won't get to watch T.O. cry again about Tony Romo after losing an early-round game. That was one of the highlights of the season. T.O. should win best supporting actor in a comedy because the free-flowing tears were simply hysterical. And after a Super Bowl with so much Gisele talk, it will be Jessica Simpson's turn next year, providing of course she and Romo are still together.

He also picks us to lose. Well, not a total hater because he at least picked us to make it.

Speaking of Gisele and Jessica, here’s how Tony spent Super Bowl Sunday. Warning: do not click the link if you are opposed to Romo gossip pages. I warned you, so don’t complain in the comments.