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John Clayton chimed in with his Top 5 contenders for next year’s Super Bowl. The Cowboys come in at #4.

The Cowboys are loaded. They have 13 Pro Bowlers, and Tony Romo has established himself as an elite quarterback. However, he needs to grow up a little. His vacation with Jessica Simpson turned into a disaster. He is entitled to his personal life, but he needs to more responsible as a leader on a team.

Wade Phillips should only make the defense better in his second year as head coach. Although the Cowboys' 3-4 is talented, it didn't maximize its potential. The Cowboys need to get better against the run and not bite on as many play-action fakes. Still, they are the most talented team in a very tough NFC East race.

Need to get better against the run? Geez, I guess only allowing one 100-yard rusher in a season just isn’t good enough nowadays.

But as Clayton said above, the Cowboys are loaded with 13 Pro-Bowlers. That’s a record and you can read about them here.

No team in NFL history had ever sent more than 11 players to the Pro Bowl, much less 13. So the Cowboys will be making history this Sunday when the NFC squad takes the field.

T.O. talked to some reporters after the Pro Bowl practice today. Want to know what the Pod did for the Super Bowl?

"Talk? About what?" Owens asked when first approached.

How about the Super Bowl?

"Didn't watch it," Owens said. "Went to the movies."

To see what?

"It was "The Bucket List," he explained. "Two of the greatest actors ever, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. A must-see. A real tearjerker."

Did you cry?

"Nah," Owens replied. "But I tell people to go see it, and bring the tissues."

Jason Witten gives an interview to a gaming site after he lost in the first round of a Madden tournament to Ocho Cinco.