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Dallas Cowboys in the Pro Bowl

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I usually approach the Pro Bowl in a manner of slight indifference.  I'll DVR the skills competition, even if it's useless I still think it is fun to watch.  If I happen to be home during the game itself then I might have it on while working on the computer, depending on how many Cowboys are representing in Hawaii.  If we are to be honest with ourselves, the only real reason to watch the game is to see our favorite players in action one last time before the offseason.  Every year you know to expect some spare announcers in bad Hawaiian shirts and leis, a lot of players mic'd up on the field, a presentation that stops caring about midway through the 2nd quarter and finally a game that usually is far from sharp and competitive.

But I propose to you that this year is different than years past, as the Dallas Cowboys are sending more Pro Bowlers than any team ever before.  It is a bitter consolation prize, and I would gladly trade off for the Giants situation, where they have the least representation by a Super Bowl champion ever.  But as Terry pointed out a few weeks ago, this game has the potential to be as close to a Cowboys game as we are going to get until the end of August.  If any of you are like me, I long for Cowboys football when they aren't playing, going so far as to actually re-watch games from the previous season during the void of the offseason.  Watching my favorite players in the league one last time may help to dull the ache of longing that is already piercing my heart.

I will be there this Sunday watching the game, anticipating seeing Romo throwing the ball to TO and Witten, MB3 punching some guys in the face and hopefully a T-New pick-six.  Watching the NFL Total Access interview between Romo and TO reminded me that no matter what happened last season or how it ended, I still love to watch them play, and I still love to root for the helmets with the Blue Star, and this weekend is the same as any other for I will be there in support of Our Team.


Mike Sando over at Hashmarks has an interesting stat:

• Speaking of the Cowboys, since 1971, they've sent 187 players to the Pro Bowl, most of any NFL team. Rest of the top five: Steelers (172), 49ers (160), Raiders (157) and Vikings (156). The fewest five includes: Texans (5), Jaguars (28), Panthers (37), Ravens (51) and Browns (64).

He also suggests that there should be a limit to how many players should be allowed to represent a team in the Pro Bowl.  I agree with him in principle, but it would be interesting to hear how he would rectify the situation, such as requiring at least one member of each team to attend the game, such as how the NHL runs things, for better or worse.  Then you would hear the argument shift from complaining about players making it based on popularity, to players undeserving of attending taking up spots because their team has to send someone.  

Hat tip to BTB regular Mullin for first posting in the comments, here..


Today is the one year anniversary of Coach Wade joining the Dallas Cowboys.  Nick Eatman examines the effects that Wade has had in his first year.

Here we are, a full year later and it's safe to say the Cowboys are not only headed in the right direction, but are pretty close to their final destination.

Although we are all extremely sour over the way the season ended, I am still thankful for having Wade as our coach.  How this season plays out though will determine just how much thanks I am giving this time next year.


Todd Archer over at the DMN examines the controversy that surrounded Romo and the team at the end of the Cowboys season in this article.