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Cowboys roster evaluation: OG

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Dallas Cowboys offensive guard roster evaluation.


Starter: Leonard Davis – The Cowboys were under heavy suspicion and even laughed at when they went out and gave a hefty contract to Leonard Davis in the offseason. It’s safe to say that the Cowboys got their money’s worth and more. Leonard Davis took over for the oft-criticized Marco Rivera and solidified the middle of the offensive line and helped to elevate the play of the entire offense. Bigg was a monster in the middle, delivering pancake blocks in the running game and providing rock-solid pass protection up the middle. His massive girth and unbelievable strength in the confined environment of the guard position played to his best qualities because the opposing defensive player couldn’t get away from him. And once Bigg made contact with the defense the battle was already won. What was surprising to me was the agility he showed when asked to pull his behemoth body on run blocks; I just didn’t expect that from a guy the size of a small planet. I have nothing but praise for the job he did this year, and the contract that we signed him to in the offseason is starting to look like a bargain. Let’s give credit where credit is due, good job Jerry Jones. Now just don’t go messing it up by entertaining ideas of moving him to left tackle.

Starter: Kyle Kosier – Koiser it was I like to call a ‘solid’ player. That means that he’ll usually do the job required but he’s not going to blow you way with his ability. Kosier can be over-powered in the pass rush and was our weakest link in that area, and he is not the bull-dozer that his counterpart Leonard Davis is in the run game. He does excel when asked to pull in the run game by using his mobility to get to the edges and he will pick up the correct defender to block. He’s not as good as the rest of our line but he’s good enough to get the job done on most occasions. Unless the Cowboys have the opportunity to steal a quality guard for a low price or pick up a player in the late-round of the draft that becomes a stud, they will go with Kosier. They could do worse. Again, he’s solid, but not top-of-the-line.  

Joe Berger – I really have never seen enough of the guy to form an informed opinion. My guess is he’s one of those guys that hang around because he has some talent but not the kind of guy that can be depended on for any significant playing time. The roster of guards looks thin but the Cowboys also have the option of using center Cory Procter at the position. I also happen to believe that Pat McQuistan might be better served as a guard. I don’t know that for sure but wouldn’t mind seeing the Cowboys give him a shot at the position on a more regular basis.