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News on Flozell, Ellis, Romo, T.O. and Hamlin

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John Clayton has an article about free agents who are playing in the Pro Bowl. There’s a brief blurb about Flozell Adams.

Cowboys left tackle Flozell Adams and Vikings fullback Tony Richardson are in the latter stages of distinguished careers. Both are free agents. Both haven't heard from their teams. The last thing they want to do is leave.

"I don't know anything,'' Adams said."I'm planning on being back, but I don't know. I'm not used to being a free agent, but I take it as it is. All I know is that this is a damn good offensive line and I would like to stay.''

Nice, just don’t be too greedy Flo and you will be back.

Greg Ellis was talking to reporters about his Comeback Player of the Year Award. Getting a sack made him realize everything was going to be OK.

"I got a sack and realized I can go around the corner again and get there," he said. "And because of the move to linebacker, I was taking less of a pounding. At linebacker, as opposed to defensive end, you don't have to go up against the pounding with offensive linemen and hit them every play."

Just then, several NFC teammates -- yep, offensive linemen -- came by and patted Ellis on the shoulder or gave him a playful tap.

"I have seen him out there week in and week out working really hard," said fellow Cowboys linebacker and Pro Bowler DeMarcus Ware. "To see him come back and contribute even more (after) that injury, it shows the courage that he has."

Tony Romo and T.O. are becoming quite the comedy duo. Go check out this long interview where they alternate between being serious and dogging each other. T.O. takes some good shots at Romo’s singing ability, while Romo gets in a dig about T.O.’s age. Like Tuna Helper said in this post: By golly, I think these two crazy kids are going to make it!

Speaking of Romo, turns out that Ashlee Simpson loves him, too.

Ken Hamlin is doing some recruiting at the Pro Bowl. Assante Samuel relays this nugget.

"Ken Hamlin, the Cowboys safety, sent me and my girl a couple of mai tais to butter me up."

Hamlin will be starting in place of Sean Taylor at the Pro Bowl and had this to say.

"He definitely will be missed in the game," Hamlin said. "Starting in his place is an honor."

When asked if he would honor Taylor on the field, Hamlin said: "We'll see."