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Cowboys may add another defensive coach not named Dom Capers

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The Cowboys may be adding another coach to the staff and no, I’m not talking about Dom Capers. I guess the Capers thing is still hanging out there but I haven’t seen any info from Valley Ranch or the local media on it lately. The coach who may be added is in the secondary.

According to a source, the team is considering adding another assistant to coach the secondary along with Dave Campo. Former Cowboys safety Dennis Thurman, who coached the secondary for the Baltimore Ravens the past four seasons, is considered a possibility.

The Star-T also has this tantalizing nugget in the article.

Herring appears to be a compromise of sorts between owner Jerry Jones and coach Wade Phillips. According to a source, the Cowboys' interest in Williams and Capers was pushed more by Jones than Phillips.

You could have guessed that. I thought when the idea of getting Williams or Capers on staff was first floated that this would be a repudiation of sorts on the job Brian Stewart did as defensive coordinator. Gregg Williams and Dom Capers are two really big names in NFL circles as defensive coordinators and the idea of them coming to Dallas as mere linebacker coaches didn’t ring true. So was Jerry trying to push them as LB coaches or something more? And did this cause a little conflict with Phillips who brought in Stewart as his guy for the DC position? I don’t know, but it’s the offseason and speculation will flow.