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Tatum Bell off Dallas Cowboys radar; re-signs with Lions

Lions RB Tatum Bell is off the free agent market. The Lions have reached an agreement for a one-year deal reported for $1.6 million. After Matt Mosley reported the Cowboys might be interested in him, he’s been on the list of potentials for Cowboys fans. If the Cowboys are planning to sign a veteran RB to provide some stability at the position and give them flexibility in the draft in regards to when they need to draft a RB, those options are dwindling. Warrick Dunn is still out there, along with guys like Derrick Ward, Chris Brown, Musa Smith, Ron Dayne among others. The Cowboys may just ride with what they got into the draft and then decide afterwards whether they want to sign a free agent.

Hat tip to Deke for posting the news.

There’s been a wide range of opinion on CB Aqib Talib on this blog. SB Nation’s draft site, Mocking the Draft, has a pretty thorough review of him up. Check it out.

The Breerman discusses the chances of signing Ken Hamlin to a long-term deal in this post over at the DMN blog. The recent contracts given to Madieu Williams by the Vikings and Gibril Wilson by the Raiders have jacked-up the going rate for safeties. He quotes Stephen Jones as saying:

"What other players make, it affects everything," Executive Vice President Stephen Jones said this morning at the Cowboys' new stadium where it was announced Texas A&M and Arkansas will once again be yearly foes.

I came across this article about the Cowboys supposed interest in Pacman Jones on something called The Tufts Daily. I had to look up what The Tufts Daily was; it’s the college paper for Tufts University. Feel free to flame the remarks about Romo in the comments below.

A Jones for a Jones: This one made my column and it's only a report of discussions. That should let you know just how ridiculous it is that the Dallas Cowboys are reportedly considering pursuing Adam "Pacman" Jones if he is permitted to return to the NFL. Jerry Jones appears desperate, and it's possibly because he recently figured out that Tony Romo, like the Boston Bruins, just isn't that good. Maybe it's because a third Jones, running back Julius, left the Cowboys this week for the precious lure of Seattle.

But hey, maybe I'm wrong! Pacman Jones sure could lighten up the Cowboys' locker room and be a great role model for the team's younger players. The Cowboys have had their problems with players off the field before, and perhaps Jones (Jerry this time) wants to bring a resurgence of insanity to Dallas. Unfortunately, even talking about Pacman Jones is considered a big mistake in virtually every other NFL locker room, and my view on the situation is no exception. The Cowboys should focus on the important things, like wiping up T.O.'s tears and taping Romo's hands to the ball.

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