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Dallas Cowboys bringing in two cornerbacks for visits: Aqib Talib, Antoine Cason

The DMN reports that the Dallas Cowboys will be bringing in two cornerbacks for visits in April before the draft. Interestingly enough, both corners are guys projected to go in the first round or close to it. It seems to be a clear indication, not that there was much doubt, that the Cowboys will be targeting a cornerback early in the draft to replace the departed Jacques Reeves. This is a good draft to match the Cowboys needs, both cornerbacks and running backs are stocked in this draft. The wide receivers? Not so much.

The Cowboys have invited potential first-round CB Antoine Cason (Arizona) and second-round LB Beau Bell (UNLV) to Valley Ranch for predraft visits, two of the 30 they are allowed to conduct at their facility. These are not to be workouts, but rather are set for interviews and physicals.

Also, Kansas CB Aqib Talib, a Richardson Berkner product, has been invited to visit in mid-April, and the rules are different for him. Because he's a local product, the team is allowed to work him out on-site and his presence will not count against the allotted 30 visits the team is granted.

Also mentioned in the article are the naming-rights for the new stadium.

Executive vice president Stephen Jones said the team has had talks "with a few people" regarding the stadium's name.

"Twenty [years], 30 those are the terms you normally see in one," Jones said. "And obviously that's all part of a negotiation."

Look, I knew this was going to happen. Jerry Jones wasn’t going to build a gazillion dollar stadium without trying to get some revenue back through the easy deal of selling the naming-rights. Still, I hate this part of professional sports nowadays.

If I was Keith Daivs and I wanted to play safety, I mean actual safety, not just have my position on the roster designated by safety and actually only play special teams, I would take this as a signal to sign anywhere but Dallas.

[Stephen] Jones said the Cowboys still value Davis, but mostly as a special teams player.

"It's where we predominantly see his value," Jones said of Davis, who has spent five seasons with the Cowboys. "We've got some good young safeties coming up, too. Courtney Brown and Pat Watkins are guys that have gotten better. I think they'll continue to get better."

Darren Woodson joined the board of some company that does something.

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