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Dallas Cowboys random articles

Here’s the breakdown on the deal Keith Davis got from the Dolphins.

Free agent defensive back Keith Davis has agreed to a two-year deal worth $3.5 million to play for the Miami Dolphins, a source said Tuesday.

And for more Keith Davis news...I turn to...Pravda? OK, I realize it’s 2008 and that the Soviet Union met its demise long ago, but growing up as a child of the 70’s/80’s, the idea that I can get news about Keith Davis signing with the Dolphins from Pravda struck me as very funny. I know that this is a different Pravda newspaper than the old communist propaganda organ, one run by former employees, but it’s still funny.

Mickey Spags laments the passing of the Julius Jones Era and wonders what went wrong.

Michael Irvin was inducted into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. Read about it here and here.

How about a couple of random mock drafts? And by the standards of random, this first one really qualifies.

22 - Cowboys - Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida (6-5, 271) - The world's thriving NFL pundit market is certain Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is about to make a draft-day splash, but we have a feeling Dallas will stand pat in the interests of getting two really good players in the second half of the first round, as opposed to trading up for one elite big name. If the dominos fall the right way, Dallas could end up with the pass-rushing Harvey as the heir apparent to Greg Ellis at one of the outside linebacker slots.

28 - Cowboys - Devin Thomas, WR, Michigan State (6-2, 215) - Dallas obviously needs receiver help given the fact that Terrell Owens and (especially) Terry Glenn are both on the decline, and it would make the most sense for Dallas to use its second pick of the first round to address this issue. The recent riser Thomas might be gone by then, but if so, Limas Sweed and/or Mario Manningham figure to be around.

Derrick Harvey at #22 for the Cowboys? I get that we can never have enough pass-rushing OLB’s in the 3-4, but I think we’ve stocked up over the last few drafts. And the heir apparent to Greg Ellis? I guess this guy missed that whole Anthony Spencer draft-thingy that happened last year. Now Devin Thomas I kind of get, but in this draft Dallas doesn’t address either cornerback or running back in the first round. Not likely.

OK, how about a little more sensible one.

22. Dallas Cowboys (From Cleveland) Justin King CB, Penn State King's speed and athleticism provide a very workable foundation for the Cowboys to utilize at a position of need.

28. Dallas Cowboys Felix Jones RB, Arkansas Jones might not be the Arkansas running back the Cowboys hoped to get, but trading up to land McFadden is too costly, both in terms of draft picks and guaranteed dollars for the more prominent Razorback. The Cowboys won't be disappointed with the other one, though. He should make an immediate impact as a runner and pass-catcher.

Justin King may be a bit of a reach at #22, but if the top corners are off the board, it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

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