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Talkin' running backs

Running back Kevin Jones is out in Detroit. I have no idea if the Cowboys are even interested, they don’t really seem to be interested in any free agents so far this offseason. Given Jones’ injury history, it would be a risky play anyway. If the Cowboys were looking for a veteran running back, another one just went off the board as the Texans signed Chris Brown. Staying with the running back theme, Mickey Spags sort of says no to a Darren McFadden trade. He’s got a bunch of stats to go along with it. And finally, Jonathan Stewart had surgery on his toe and will not be working out until training camps at the earliest. This could lead to a ‘slide’ in the draft. Maybe down to the Cowboys?

Hat tip to BoyzRback07 for the Kevin Jones news.

Todd McShay goes mock drafting.

22. Dallas Cowboys (from 10-6 CLE) -- Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida
Assuming owner Jerry Jones doesn't package picks to trade up, expect Dallas to use its two picks to address needs at corner, receiver, offensive tackle and possibly running back. Jenkins' combination of size, speed and athleticism is outstanding and his recognition skills continue to improve each season. Jenkins also brings versatility to the table with his ability to play some safety and chip in on returns if necessary.

28. Dallas Cowboys -- Devin Thomas, WR, Michigan State
If Jerry Jones can't strike a deal to move up, he could settle for Jones, the other first-round running back prospect from Arkansas. The better value, however, would be at wide receiver with either Thomas or Manningham. Despite his lack of ideal game experience, Thomas is higher on many boards because he's such a dynamic open-field runner for his size, both after the catch and in the return game.

Matt Mosley at Hashmarks gets into the mock draft game.

22. Cowboys -- Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida: Some of you guys are convinced that Tampa Bay will take Jenkins, but don't be fooled by the whole proximity angle. Yes, they like the kid, but I don't think they're going to draft him. A lot of people connected with the Cowboys love Arkansas running back Felix Jones, including Jerry Jones. That said, the Cowboys think they can find a running back later in the draft. The same can't be said for an elite corner. Of course, the Cowboys will try to trade down with this pick, but if they can't, Jenkins is their man.

28. Cowboys -- Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas: If he slides this far, Jerry Jones will be waiting to catch him. This will cause columnists such as Randy Galloway to flip out, but I'm afraid the Cowboys aren't going to take a wide receiver in the first round. Limas Sweed is a possibility, but he needs to have a strong pro day.

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