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Dallas looking for DBs in Big D

The ‘Boys are looking for DBs with a flashlight in the daylight.

The ‘Boys are a little light on cornerbacks at the moment with Jacques Reeves going to the Texans and Nate Jones going to the ‘Fins. So the team is inviting some potential picks to Irving for interviews and physicals.  

The star invitees are Kansas’ Aqib Talib and Tennessee State’s Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Mel "The Hair" Kiper Jr. is a big fan of both. So is Gil Brandt.

"You can't go wrong with those two,"'s Gil Brandt said of Talib and Rodgers-Cromartie. "I don't think there is any question they are going to be good ones."

Arizona’s Antoine Cason has also been invited. As well as Beau Bell, a UNLV linebacker.

Talib is versatile and fast but raw. DRC has all the tools but comes from a small school. Will Talib’s footwork be his undoing? Will DRC be overwhelmed by big league talent? The answer may be moot.

Many mock drafts have Talib and Rodgers-Cromartie getting selected before the Cowboys are on the clock. Corners who could be around later in the first round include Cason, Penn State's Justin King, South Florida's Mike Jenkins and Virginia Tech's Brandon Flowers.


There are several bittersweet moments in life.

The day you graduate from high school. You’re excited about the next step but sad about the friends you’re leaving behind. The day your children leave the house. You’re excited about their maturity but there are feelings of helplessness (unless you’re my parents and you throw a party).

So is the life of a successful team in the NFL. You’re excited about the collection of wins and Pro Bowl selections. But the rest of league comes calling. They want your coaches, your coordinators and your players.

It’s the great migration.

Julius Jones packed up his bags and said goodbye. Todd Archer of DMN put it best when he said, "It wasn’t a bad divorce (between Jones and the Cowboys). They just fell out of love." True. So true.

Jacques Reeves went to Houston. If anybody ever did more with less, it was Reeves. He went from practice player to reserve to starter. He did his job for the most part. But we never seemed to forgive him for his mistakes as opposed to all the times he was in the right place at the right time, made the tackle after the catch and didn’t bust his assignment.

We’ve said goodbye to Fergie. No not that Fergie. But the ever-affable Jason Ferguson. They also snatched Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano. Keith Davis signed as well. Now Nate Jones is gone. Do I see a pattern here? Hey Tuna! Poppa Bear! Quit raiding our staff buddy!

Good riddance is what some would say. Julius was never the same back he was in 2004, Fergie was hurt, and Reeves is an adequate cornerback. That’s a good argument but their departure is still bittersweet to me. I was a big Jones fan ... four years ago. Fergie played well for us. And Reeves is a testament to our scouting department and coaching staff. He matriculated through all levels of our organization and then produced. He should be commended for that.

My point is ... get used to this fellas. These are players that were hurt or expendable. And the league is clamoring over them. Guess what they’d do if we ever got rid of Roy Williams? Akin Adoyele? Marc Colombo? You gotta star on your helmet and you’re like barbecue at a picnic. Jerry Jones has a tall order ahead of him to keep our core together.


So what the connection between Nolan Ryan and the ‘Boys?

Well they played in the same state at the same time for a while.

Ray Buck’s Old Boys Club series, which highlights some of the more interesting aspects of Cowboy history, weaves us through the analysis and finds a correlation between Ryan and America’s Team. Buck points to the weekend of Sept. 8-9 when Nolan Ryan pitched a 2-1 victory over Kansas City despite a bleeding lip that required stitches and the Cowboys stopped a fake punt and defeated the Chargers 17-14. He argues that game embodied Ryan’s toughness while the Dallas win helped sparked our swagger which would lead to three Super Bowls. And this happened on the same weekend no less.

It’s a great read. These are the type of projects that win awards and I certainly hope it does. Nothing more American than memories of Cowboy wins. Now losses are another thing. The Catch. The Super Bowl losses to the Steelers. That’s Communist propaganda right there!

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