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Dallas Cowboys random articles

I ran across this article about Roy Williams. It’s time for Roy to reclaim his reputation as one of the hardest-hitters in the NFL and his reputation for making a difference with turnovers. I’m not as down on Roy as a lot of Cowboys fans, I think he does a decent job in supporting the run and he racks up a ton of tackles. He also didn’t get beat deep nearly as much this year but that is probably a result of Wade Phillips not putting him in vulnerable positions. He’s still a liability in pass coverage but a lot of strong safeties are the same way. If he would become the intimidating force he was before last year and create turnovers, I’d be fine with him. He has to start playing up to his contract this year.

Given all that, I hate reading statements like this from Roy:

Winning a Super Bowl would be great, but as long as God blesses me to be healthy and allows me to keep playing and keep spreading his word, that's the biggest thing.

I’m not knocking him for his religious beliefs and I understand that staying healthy is one of the biggest things in anyone’s life. But can’t he at least pretend that winning a Super Bowl is a driving force for him, that it really means something and that he’s ready to sacrifice a lot to make that happen. That statement above gives the impression that he could live with or without winning the Super Bowl. I know football isn’t life and death, but at least pretend it is!

The Houston Chronicle thinks that Jonathan Stewart's’ possible slide because of surgery to his toe could be just what the Cowboys need.

Stewart will fall in the draft. He would be ideal for the Cowboys, who have two No. 1 picks and need a back to replace Julius Jones. Because they have Marion Barber, they could afford to give Stewart plenty of time to heal and not rush him back.

Also, the same article highlights the Cowboys philosophy of keeping their own instead of spending in free agency. Stephen Jones specifically mentioned Terrence Newman and DeMarcus Ware as must signings.

"We just feel like that's how we want to build going forward. We know we've got to keep guys like Terence Newman and a couple of other good players, like a (Demarcus) Ware. We certainly want to keep our situation as such that we can keep these great young players together. That's where we would like to spend our resources."

I bet you didn’t know that T.O. is famous for another sport.

The spring issue of US Youth Bowler lists the world’s most famous bowlers:

  1. Terrell Owens, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver who claims a high game of 288.

Time for another mock draft.

22. Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland) — RB Felix Jones, Arkansas (Jr.)
Jerry Jones remains a candidate to package Marion Barber and a first-round pick this year and next in an effort to trade up to land Darren McFadden, who would give the Cowboys an exciting new set of triplets and help open his stadium in style. If he has to settle for keeping Barber and selecting the Hog back sharing his last name to replace the one that just left (Julius), his backfield could be more balanced.

28. Dallas Cowboys — WR Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma (Jr.)
Jerry Jones is intent on finding more playmakers for his franchise quarterback, and Kelly’s size and secure hands make him a great fit in Jason Garrett’s offense.

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