Another 'Do not touch Pacman' article

This McClatchy wire article showed up in our Honolulu Advertiser. Nothing really new, but figured I'd post it.

Disgust or intrigue usually follows whenever his name is mentioned; whether your team desperately needs a cornerback likely determines which one.

Did I mention the Cowboys desperately need a cornerback? And that Pacman's name is on a lot of lips at Valley Ranch? They do. And it is.

There have been no "hell, no's" leaking from Valley Ranch, rather quiet admissions his name has been discussed. Is still being discussed. As one Cowboys type noted, Pacman's name will go away for a while, then spring back up later in a different conversation, by a different person.

The word is intrigued, not necessarily interested.

Do not touch him — and not because he introduced "making it rain" to the middle-class, suburban-guy lexicon or because he's a world-class screw-up. He did, and he is.

The reason for the Cowboys to just say no is because you only take risks this big on really good to great players. And is anybody convinced Pacman will be able to return to that level after not playing for a significant period of time?

But the Cowboys desperately need a cornerback.

And this is why Pacman is currently more intriguing than disgusting for now.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.