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BTB and the New York Times?

I wanted to give you guys the lowdown on something that’s happening this week. The New York Times is a newspaper...yeah, you already knew that. But it turns out they also have blogs and they have one that’s dedicated to the NFL. It’s called The Fifth Down. Now, I don’t know exactly what happened but my best guess is the editor lost a bet. Maybe he was out with some other newspaper guys and after putting away a keg of suds and about 15 tequila shots, they decided to play a drinking game. The editor of The Fifth Down must have agreed to a bet that stipulated if he lost he had to turn over the blog for a week to the biggest bunch of nincompoops that the other drinkers could come up with - no exceptions. Well, he lost and guess what? Me, Brandon and Tuna Helper where the lucky losers who were picked to take over the blog for this week. God help the New York Times.

So for this week, Monday through Friday, the crew here at Blogging The Boys will be the guest bloggers at The Fifth Down. They already put up a Q&A with me to kick-off the eventual downfall of said blog and all week long we’ll be doing our very best to lower the journalistic standards of the venerable newspaper. I invite you guys to visit The Fifth Down daily and make some comments laughing at our efforts to entertain the masses. This should be comical, like when David Letterman went down in flames hosting the Oscars. Only better, or worse, depending on how you’re grading it.

Seriously though, I want to give a big thanks to The Fifth Down for inviting us to guest blog for a week and we hope we can do them justice. We’ll also be keeping you up to date here at BTB so that just means we’ll be working overtime this week. So take it easy on us!

That is all, carry on.

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