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Dallas Cowboys silly season alert

It’s still the silly season and will be right up until the draft. And when it’s the silly season in the NFL you can be sure that the Dallas Cowboys will be front and central. That’s what happens when you’re one of the most popular franchises in the history of sports; the media love to slip the Cowboys brand into their articles because it usually means more readers. But it’s also because of our "media-friendly, gambling, I’m an oil-man and I’ll try to strike it rich in all different kinds of places" owner Jerry Jones. Jerry loves to talk deals even though he’s pretending that he isn’t and he can never see the Cowboys name in print enough.

So on with the silly season!

From Matt Mosley over at Hashmarks comes the latest Anquan Boldin "rumor." The thinking goes that Boldin might not be happy with all the money the Cardinals just threw at Larry Fitzgerald and with Drew Rosenhaus as his agent you know the pot has the potential to be stirred. Thus, you get this:

According to sources close to Hashmarks, the Cowboys spent some time talking about Boldin last week at Valley Ranch. It wouldn't surprise me if they reached out to the Cardinals at some point. Dallas needs someone other than Patrick Crayton to play opposite of Terrell Owens, and Boldin would certainly be worth a No. 1 pick. I'm not saying this is going to happen, but it's something you should keep an eye on.

If the Cowboys could land Boldin in some kind of trade, I’d be all for it. Boldin is quality and would be a great addition. That being said, I don’t believe it will happen.

Next up, the resurrection of Pacman Fever from Peter King.

WHITHER PACMAN? From Chuck Hudson, of Boise, Idaho: "When he is on the field, Pacman Jones is arguably one of the best defensive backs in the league. Off the field, well ... As a Cowboys fan, the rumor that they are interested in him if he is put on the trading block concerns me. What is your take?''

[Peter King] My take is if Jerry Jones can get him cheap -- say, for a conditional second-day draft pick -- and can put enough behavior-related safeguards in the contract, he'd do it. As for the morals of the deals, well, I don't think it would stand in the way if Dallas thought he was good enough.

Pretty good article about Anthony Spencer over at the SA E-N. I thought that Spencer had a solid rookie campaign and could become a real force this year. If he does, the rotation of DeMarcus Ware, Greg Ellis and Spencer could be brutal on opposing offenses.

Woo hoo! The Cowboys are inviting another stellar cornerback in for a pre-draft visit.

The Dallas Cowboys have invited Troy cornerback Leodis McKelvin to Valley Ranch for a pre-draft visit in April, one of 30 such meetings allowed by the league.

I don’t think there’s any doubt the Cowboys are going for a cornerback in the first round. I guess the question is will they make a move up to grab on the better ones. DRC and McLovin should be gone by #22 so if they want one of those two they will probably have to make a move.

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