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Your Number 1's.

Promoted from the diaries by Grizz. Funny, but I had it on my mind to do a similar post with the same subject as GloryDayz88's diary. Then I saw his and thought what the heck, let's just use his. So jump into the comments and let's blowout this thread. End intro.

Okay, I think the majority of us agree that in no particular order, CB, WR, and RB are going to be the Cowboys most pressing needs come draft day. Assuming the Cowboys sit still and dont trade up, who do you think is the best player (as he fits the Cowboys) at each position. I'm talking about guys who could realistically be there at #22.

I'm not asking for a novel. If you dont want to explain yourself you dont have to. Just list your top three.

I'll go first to give you an example.

Cornerback. I think Cromartie is the #1 corner alltogehter no matter who I am a fan of. His size speed combo are amazing and he wants to go steal the football. He could be a game changer.

Wide Receiver. Though I dont think he is the best receiver in the draft, I like DeSean Jackson the best for the Cowboys. He can stretch the field, has great hands, and can finally bring some excitement to the return game.

Running Back. Lets remember who Marion Barber's agent is. His asking price to re-sign may be outrageous. Instead of taking this "speed back" everyone is obsessed with, let's get another feature back type who could carry the load in '09 if necessary. I think Jonathan Stewart is the best back in the draft period. Screw the combine he is the best on tape. He's 235 pounds and he's 1/100th of a second slower than Felix Jones who everybody likes so much. His injury could cause him to slide to us at 22. As long as that checks out, we should abort all other plans with that pick. And if we are able to keep Barber, who care's about this "thunder and lightning" concept, can you think of a more violent backfield?

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