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Dallas Cowboys draft board parlor game; plus Chad Johnson hearts the Cowboys

The most interesting thing to happen in weeks concerning the Cowboys is the "rumored" exposure of the Cowboys draft board for defensive backs. BTB-regular DeRat posted the diary here and we’ve included the pictures. The latest parlor game for Cowboys fanatics is trying to make out the list of players in the pics. The first few are easy to discern but the later ones are kind of fuzzy, so go on over to the diary and give us your thoughts.

My guesses are:

#1 DRC
#2 Leodis McKelvin
#3 Kenny Phillips (S)
#4 Mike Jenkins
#5 Aqib Talib
#6 Either Tyrell Johnson or Josh Barrett (S)
#7 Looks like Charles Godfrey from Iowa

After that, I have no real guess. This is an interesting situation, on one hand, you’d think the Cowboys aren't dumb enough to expose their defensive back draft board like this. On the other hand, even if it’s just the defensive staff’s rankings, it would still hold a lot of weight and I would bet it’s not far off from what their official draft board defensive back rankings end up being. Also, I don’t believe the Cowboys set it up as some kind of diversion or joke, that seems out of the realm of possibility. Whatever the case, it makes for some fun speculation.

Todd Archer has a nice interview with DeMarcus Ware over at the DMN blog.

Chad Johnson has been making the rounds to the media and is not happy in Cincy. He also made a specific mention of the Cowboys. BTB-regular jsams covers it in this diary and the DMN blog has it here.

Here’s what Chad said about playing in Dallas in reference to winning the Super Bowl:

"If I end up in Dallas, I would just look at which finger I'm gonna put it on," Johnson declared. "That's it. Ain't no ifs, ands or buts about it."

On him and T.O. co-existing:

"It's gonna work," Johnson said. "T.J. (Houshmandzadeh) and Chad Johnson are no different than '81' and '85' because T.J. is a No. 1 receiver. We just happen to be two No. 1 receivers on the same team at the same time. It's no different."

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