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More Pacman, random news and mock drafts for the Cowboys

My good friend DCFanatic sent me a link earlier today about the Patriots possibly getting involved in the Pacman Jones situation. They certainly could use help at cornerback but it sounds more like Pacman’s lawyer talking than the Patriots. Pacman’s lawyer also said the Detroit Lions were interested. I don’t know much else, but this lawyer is sure doing a good job of creating supposed interest. DC also passed along this news that Pacman will be in Dallas on Tuesday for a spot on Michael Irvin’s radio show. That should be three hours of the silly season on steroids.

We love Jason Witten and so does Anthony Bialy who writes this article about our super-stud TE.

Our week is almost up over at The Fifth Down but both Brandon and Tuna Helper have some articles up that you might not have read. Go over and check them out.

Nick Eatman has a long-form version of the DeMarcus Ware interview from a couple of days ago.

Time for a couple of mock drafts.

This one is a full seven round draft. Who has time to do all that? Anyway, you can check out the whole thing but I’ll just excerpt the first round.

22) Dallas (via Cleveland) – RB Jonathan Stewart (Oregon)
Dreams of Darren McFadden danced in the head of Jerry Jones when he traded with Cleveland last year, but the Browns had a surprise 10-6 season to ruin his plans. It’s a nice consolation prize for them to stop what could be a longer drop for Stewart after his turf toe surgery. Some teams could actually leave his status alone after his amazing combine even with the injury. Marion Barber is more than capable of holding down the fort for the first few weeks of the regular season when the Cowboys could lean towards a little more passing. Watching Stewart run for 253 yards against a South Florida defense who knew he was coming cemented his first round status for me. This surgery at worst drops him to the next Dallas pick.  

28) Dallas – CB Antoine Cason (Arizona)
Can anyone name the third Cowboy corner? If you want to win a Super Bowl against the likes of the Packers, Colts and Patriots it is a good idea to have enough players to cover their receivers. They parted with Nate Jones (Dolphins) and already Jacques Reeves (Texans). During the combine Cason ran well enough to get into round one. He also adds ability on returns as he demonstrated against Oregon this year when he scored two touchdowns, one on an interception and another on a punt return. Dallas has returned very few punts for touchdowns in recent years, adding to Cason’s value for them.

Matt Mosley over at Hashmarks revises his mock draft.

22. Cowboys Limas Sweed, WR, Texas: The Cowboys rarely take receivers in the first round, but it's an obvious area of need. I think Malcolm Kelly is more of a natural receiver, but Sweed can hit the home run. Owner Jerry Jones talks about wanting a "wow" factor, and Sweed is the player who fits that description. I still say Jenkins is the guy if he's available. How's that for hedging?

28. Cowboys Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon: If the toe injury drops him 10 spots, the Cowboys will be there to catch him. If Stewart goes to someone like the Texans, the Cowboys will attempt to trade down. They also like Felix Jones if he's there.

Update [2008-3-21 18:52:10 by Dave Halprin (Grizz)]: Matt Mosley has already updated his mock draft concerning the Cowboys with this interesting tidbit of information.

Several minutes ago I was told that the [Cowboys] will choose between running backs Felix Jones and Jonathan Stewart at No. 22. I initially had the Cowboys taking Stewart (toe surgery) at No. 28.  The Cowboys will now take Virginia Tech cornerback Brandon Flowers at No. 28.

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