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The SA E-N thinks that Dallas defense should be formidable because of all the top draft picks filling its ranks. Yeah, well, that’s been the case for a while and the defense has had moments of brilliance it can’t consistently shut-down opponents and elevate itself to elite status. Maybe this year, with everybody having experience in the Phillips 34, they will finally make that leap. One guy that might shake things up is Tank Johnson. I’ve contended since we signed the guy that he is one of the better DT/NT’s in the league and that all he would need is some time to learn the 3-4 and what Phillips wants him to do. DeMarcus Ware agrees:

"The thing is Tank’s going to be coming around," Ware told reporters this week in Irving. "He’s a beast in the middle now. People don’t realize (how good he can be) with a full offseason, when he’s all the way in shape and he’s really comfortable with what’s going on."

Tank Johnson is starter material and if the Cowboys get a backup NT in the draft they could use Jay Ratliff more as a defensive end. This could make our pass rush less reliant on Ware and Greg Ellis to get everything done. Of course, adding Pacman to the secondary could make a big difference all around.

Speaking of Mr. Wocka-wocka, the Lions are not interested.

"We've talked about it, but for a lot of reasons, we aren't going to try to get him," [Matt] Millen said. "He has a lot of talent. We wish him well."

Mickey Spags answers some mail.

Here’s a mock draft that has us trading out of the first round with our #28 pick.

22. Cowboys(from Browns) Mike Jenkins CB 5-11 200 South Florida Senior The Cowboys lost two cornerbacks in free agency, Jacques Reeves and Nathan Jones, so adding depth in the secondary is a must. South Florida's Mike Jenkins provides Dallas with a quality cover corner that they can build their secondary around.

28. Falcons(from Cowboys) Brian Brohm QB 6-3 230 Louisville Senior The Falcons passed on Matt Ryan with their first pick and decided to take Jake Long to add stability on the O-Line. In my previous mock draft, I projected the Dolphins to trade up with the Cowboys at the 22nd overall selection, but now I foresee the Falcons trading up with the Cowboys at this pick to grab Brian Brohm. Atlanta gives up one of their second-round selections (48th overall) and third-round selection (68th overall) in the trade. The Falcons copy the Browns' plan from last year and get a franchise OT and QB in the first round.

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