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Same old story

Well, about the only thing making the rounds is continued talk about Pacman. ESPN has an article out about prospective suitors. But I hate it when the national media doesn't take the time to research the Cowboys roster before writing an article.

Cornerback isn't a pressing need for Dallas, but Jerry Jones has a long history of bringing in guys who weren't choir boys (Terrell Owens and Tank Johnson, to name a couple) and not exactly running players out of town when they get in trouble.

Cornerback isn’t a pressing need? Apparently no one took the time to look at our roster and the weakness of our team from last season.

There’s also a John Clayton video embedded in the article where he says Pacman could be reinstated before the draft - he thinks it’s likely - and the likely scenario is Pacman to Dallas for a 5th-round choice.

Here’s a little more Pacman if you haven’t your fill. Also, Pacman will be on the Michael Irvin Radio Show tomorrow from 12-3 pm. You can listen to the show online at this link.

Hat tip to the DMN blog for the link.

Our old friend Rocky Boiman is back in the division having just signed a one-year deal with the Eagles.  

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