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Pacman talking live to Michael Irvin

I’m breaking my "no talk radio" rule and I’m listening to the Pacman Jones interview with Michael Irvin. So far, not too much of significance is being said, Pacman is just describing his upbringing, his attempts to distance himself from the bad crowd he was running with, and his efforts to put his bad decisions behind him. He’s being pretty contrite and taking full responsibility for his mistakes but it was pretty much what I’d expect him to say in an attempt to get back in the league. I’m somewhat cynical but he does sound sincere. You can listen in at this link. Also, feel free to post your comments on the interview in this thread, consider it a kind of open thread for the Pacman interview.

Yesterday, I posted a link to an article by Nick Eatman where his point was "why not" take a chance on Pacman. Today, Mickey Spags counters with the idea that team chemistry – among other things – should make the Cowboys pause before taking a chance on Pacman. Meanwhile, Tom Orsborn suggests that strong, upright guys like DeMarcus Ware will help to keep Pacman in check. In other words, no one really knows how it would turn out. That’s why risk/reward is the operative phrase with Pacman. Depending on whether you believe the reward outweighs the risk, or vice versa, colors your opinion on bringing Pacman to Dallas.

Chris Canty sounds a little bitter that the Cowboys haven’t discussed a long-term contract with his agent yet.

"[The Cowboys] made the commitment they are willing to make to me. They didn't have to [make a long-term extension offer], but in the same breath they didn't have to give [nose tackle] Jay Ratliff a contract extension during the season.

"They didn't have to extend a couple of guys that they extended, but they did; that was the level of commitment towards those guys. I'm not saying I'm being discarded, because every situation is different. The tender offer is a good offer. That's more money that I've seen, so I have to keep it in perspective here."

I understand Canty wants some long-term security but I have to say last season was the first season he started to live up to his potential. The Cowboys - I guess - will wait to see if he can do it two years in a row. Or they just could be waiting until later in the offseason or maybe into the season to go after a long-term deal. Hold tough Canty, go out and do your job again and I’m sure Jerry will reward you, he usually does.

Scouts, Inc. ranked the top 64 wide receivers in the league. They had Randy Moss at number one and Terrell Owens at number two. Nice. Where did the other Cowboys rank?

  1. Patrick Crayton

With veteran receiver Terry Glenn injured most of the 2007 season, Crayton became one of Dallas' top targets. Most defensive coordinators devise their game plans to take away Owens and Jason Witten, which enables a third option to flourish in the Cowboys' air attack. He is not hesistant to throw his body around in the running game. Crayton, however, is a jack-of-many trades, master of none.

  1. Terry Glenn

Glenn came into the league with premier speed and still has more than most. However, he is getting beat up at the end of his career, and he has never been very eager to go over the middle to catch balls in traffic.

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