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Felix Jones visiting the Dallas Cowboys

The DMN blog says Felix Jones plus a couple of Indiana guys will be visiting the Cowboys.

Arkansas RB Felix Jones, and Indiana WR James Hardy and CB Tracy Porter have been penciled in to visit Valley Ranch, three more of the 30 in-house visits the Cowboys are able to host with draft prospects.

All three are tentatively slated to come in on or around April 16, according to the office of agent Eugene Parker.

I’m a fan of Felix Jones and wouldn’t mind seeing the Cowboys draft him. Although I do admit that if Jonathan Stewart dropped down to us, I’d probably be more interested in drafting him. Anyway, good to see Cowboys inviting Jones in for a visit along with the other two guys.

No sooner had Pacman Jones told us he was changing and would be a different guy, then this pops up at Deadspin. Yup, it’s a flyer for a party here in Atlanta this weekend that promises to make it rain and includes an appearance by the girls of Club Blaze and by the Pacman. Club Blaze is a strip club here in Atlanta. Yours truly was thinking about attending the party and giving you guys the lowdown on the scene. Alas, Pro Football Talk called the number on the flyer and was told the party is canceled. Seriously though, I don’t know what Pacman’s intentions were in regards to this party but this is exactly the kind of thing he needs to avoid to have any chance at a career again. Far be it from me to say that NFL players have to be monks, but guys who have been in trouble like Pacman should really avoid these types of situations. I’m telling you Pacman, Madden and game film, at home, every night, is the ticket.

Update [2008-3-26 11:45:34 by Dave Halprin (Grizz)]: In the comments, Mirky Waters provides us with this update, given by Deadspin.

(UPDATE: Apparently, Pac Man was played here. From an email to Pro Football Talk:

"This is KAY-P contacting you on behalf of Club Nite concerning an event that was suppose to feat. Pacman Jones. We are apologizing to him and his family for the misunderstanding. We were informed by a false represenatives who lied to us saying that they could book Pacman Jones. After getting in contact with the real represenatives we discovered that Pacman Jones was not aware his name was advertised for an event and we also found out that he was not even accepting offers to host events. Again we would like to apologize to Pacman Jones, his fan and family."

Good job Team Pac, you guys were clean on this one. Whew, I was worried for a moment there. END UPDATE

Here’s a general recap of Pacman’s appearance today. Nick Eatman weighs in here.
Matt Mosley covers it here. JJT isn’t convinced in a short article here.

Darren McFadden had his Pro Day today. Of course, a possible Cowboys trade for McFadden made the article.

[Chris] Mortensen also said Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has discussed the possibility of trading up to draft McFadden, no matter what the Arkansas alum might say publicly.

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