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Two Cowboys make top-10 all-time receivers list

Fun article over at ESPN trying to rank the Top-10 WR’s of  all time. They got a seven panel members to rank a list of over 200 WR’s for their Top-10. They had guys like Warren Moon, Mike Holmgren, Keyshawn Johnson and other famous players/coaches/scouts for the rankings. An ex-Cowboy and a current Cowboy made the list.


Career: Played for Cowboys from 1988-99. Had 750 career receptions for 11,904 yards. Elected to Hall of Fame in 2007.
Quick quote: "People might not like some of the other things, but when he was on those stripes, he was as competitive as there is." -- Hall of Fame QB Moon


Career: Has 129 TD receptions in career with 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys.
Quick quote: "My biggest knock on him is he drops too many balls, but he makes a lot of big plays and he's as good as there is after the catch and he makes difficult catches." – Moon

You should read the article; they have a good discussion on the wild variance of Terrell Owens’ rankings. One had him #3, others left him out of the Top-10 altogether. They have quotes good and bad about T.O., including Keyshawn, who still doesn’t like The Pod.

"It's a hard one not to put him in because he has good numbers," said Johnson, who caught 814 passes with four teams, most recently Carolina in 2006. "The reasons why he shouldn't be in are because he drops too many balls, he isn't as consistent, he's not a complete wide receiver in my book, he doesn't dominate all the time, he doesn't dominate in playoff games, he didn't help his team win the Super Bowl and he's selfish."

I’ll be doing a show with DCFanatic and Shango today at 2 pm EST. Tune in and listen to us gab about Pacman and the draft.

Felix Jones says that what people are asking him about most lately is can he be a feature back.

But Jones said several NFL teams have asked him over the past few months if he’s capable of being a No. 1 tailback.

"They just want to know if I’m an every-down back. It’s pretty good when they ask me that because I didn’t have a chance to show everybody at Arkansas," Jones said. "But once I get to a team and get a chance to show them, the team will really be happy."

Jones said he has spoken with the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, two teams that already have proven running backs on their rosters.

Tony Romo tees off in a golf tournament tomorrow.  

Hey, T.O. is also a model. Now that’s a do-it-all receiver.

Market America's 10th annual Fashion Art Ball puts the spotlight on a host of celebrity runway models, including Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens; director Brett Ratner (the three Rush Hour flicks and X-Men: The Last Stand); DJ Irie and the heads of several South Beach night spots...

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