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Terence Newman talks Pacman on NFL Live

NFL Live did Cowboys Day today and had Terence Newman on for a chat. You got to love Newman, he’s pretty candid with his thoughts.

First, they asked him what went wrong last year at the end. He said everything was good until the playoffs and that they got complacent and overconfident about the Giants game.

Next, the Pacman questions. They asked about him coming to Dallas and Newman said – He can play, but to play in this league you have play football and do the things that are asked of you off the field. He made some unfortunate mistakes and he’s suffering for that. Thinks Pacman may have learned his lesson and everybody deserves a second chance, although with Pacman some would say it’s his 6th chance. He was a young player when he did some of those things and he’s not the first guy to get in trouble with the law.

Finally, they asked why Pacman would act differently with the Cowboys. Newman said we have quality leaders in the locker room and guys that will help to keep him out of trouble. There was a big difference with T.O. between his first year and last year. The first year he was in the press and they gave him a lot of grief, but he relaxed and molded with the team now.

After that segment, they went to Merrill Hoge and Mark Schlereth and their opinions on Pac. Hoge called it a dangerous move, but then praised Pacman’s skills. Said the Cowboys can only control so much. Schlereth sated that if you have a bunch of good pros in the locker room, there’s a gravitational pull – at this point, I thought he was going to say they could pull Pac into the good guy orbit, but he went the exact opposite direction and said he could pull some of the good guys into the bad zone. He said to make a move like this you have to know your team and know that he won’t pull them down.

Mel Kiper came on and said that our top three needs are RB, WR and CB. Surprise! He mentioned Felix Jones at RB, Aqib Talib at CB and Devin Thomas at WR.

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