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Schefter: Pacman Jones trade to Dallas Cowboys "imminent"

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Adam Schefter describes a trade by the Dallas Cowboys for the services of Pacman Jones as "imminent." Schefter claims there is no question of the trade happening, it’s just a matter of when and for how much. The talk is now about a conditional pick, the Titans were asking for a third but the Cowboys countered with a lesser pick and they are trying to reach a point where both teams are happy. Schefter put out the hypothetical of a conditional 4th-round pick as something that could happen. He also stated the timeframe of this weekend or early next week for the trade to be completed.

Take it for what it’s worth. Schefter is usually pretty good with the inside info and usually ends up being right. We’ll see on this one, but one has to believe that at some point in this offseason, Pacman Jones will be a Dallas Cowboy.