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Dallas Cowboys not interested in trading for Darren McFadden, unless...

Recently, Randy Galloway has had a direct pipeline to Jerry Jones. He gets Jerry to say some things that at this time of the season most owners/coaches wouldn’t be saying. Last week, he got Jerry to open up about their pursuit of a wide receiver. Today, Galloway has Jerry’s thoughts on trading up to draft Darren McFadden. Of course, all these comments could be elaborate smokescreens but somehow it doesn’t feel like that. Jerry’s comments about McFadden tie into something that is dear to Jerry’s heart, the owners/players bargaining agreement. The amount of money being spent on unproven rookies, especially ones at that top of the draft has become ridiculous. We already know that Jerry doesn’t like the recently signed CBA and he might be angling to do something about instituting some sort of rookie scale that doesn’t kill teams choosing at the top of the draft.

That’s just my speculation, but what we do know, at least what we are being told, is that Jerry and the Dallas Cowboys are not interested in trading up to grab Darren McFadden.

"I have no intent at all of moving into the top five," Jones said, while also stressing this was not a comment on McFadden's talent, but a fear factor of paying any rookie today's top-five going rate.

"A team can get crippled, and I mean seriously crippled, from a financial standpoint by being up there in the top five or six. It's a real negative.

"Nobody wants in there, and the teams in there, they want out. This is a very tough draft anyway when it comes to evaluating the talent, and then trying to match up that with the millions it takes to operate at the top of the draft."

That sounds pretty truthful to me, because it makes a lot of sense. But, what would happen if McFadden started to slide? (I know, highly unlikely but we’ll play the "what if" game.)

I asked Jones, if McFadden started sliding on draft day, at what point would the Cowboys become interested. Jerry hesitated. Finally, I said, "How about out of the top 10, and he's there at 11?"

"You would be safe with that assumption," he replied.

There you go.

Tony Romo shot a 73 good for 19th place in a golf tournament down in Charleston. Nice to see Tony’s choice for a caddy, and no, it’s not Jessica.

But Romo did bring his father, Ramiro Romo, who enthusiastically served as caddy.

"It's great," Tony Romo said. "That was part of the reason we came out here, just to be able to spend more time together."

Hat tip to the DMN blog

And you thought this was going to be a Pacman-free post. Not so fast my friends. Last night I posted Adam Schefter’s opinion that the Cowboys will be trading for Pacman very soon. The Star-T says we are engaged in only "light" talks about the trade. Nick Eatman details the obstacles to a trade, which frankly, don’t seem to be very much. The big one is Roger Goodell reinstating Pacman, something the Cowboys clearly believe will happen. The DMN has a general discussion of Pacman, here.

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