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Warrick Dunn interested in coming to Dallas

The DMN blog is reporting that Warrick Dunn's reps have contacted the Cowboys.

"The Cowboys are on Warrick's radar," said a representative at CAA, the firm that represents Dunn. CAA has not heard back with definitive word from Dallas.

It will be interesting to see what the Cowboys' response is. You have to think the Cowboys have to be just a bit interested in the former NFL Man of the Year.

If the Cowboys are intent on drafting a running back this year, having Warrick Dunn on your team can only be a good thing. He can be a veteran leader for the two young backs and can contribute from the 3rd running back spot. Tatum Bell is also available but I would prefer the Cowboys sign Dunn. He is more versatile, has better hands and has experience.

Update [2008-3-3 19:10:50 by Brandon]: From the DMN blog:

We're getting word that the Cowboys are planning on taking a wait-and-see approach on Dunn.


I know this breaks your heart Grizz, but it seems that Randy Moss won't be coming to Dallas after all.

The New England Patriots and Randy Moss are finalizing terms on a three-year, $27 million deal, a source told ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

Whew, disaster has been averted. Once this is finalized we can move on to all the other silly rumors floating around.

Hat tip to cowboybawler4 for being all over this story in his diary.

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