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Who's left for the Cowboys in free agency? (WR/RB edition)

It looks like the dust is starting to settle on the free agency frenzy that was the last few days. The Cowboys sat out the top-tier rush and are probably waiting for some talent to get passed over and make a Ken Hamlin-type signing in the next week or two. I was reading Tom Orsborn’s mailbag over at the SA E-N when I came across this answer to a question about the Cowboys pursuing Javon Walker.

Walker, who turns 30 in October, is at the top of the list of the remaining unrestricted free agent receivers, a group that includes Miami’s Marty Booker, Carolina’s Drew Carter, New England’s Jabar Gaffney, Arizona’s Bryant Johnson and Seattle’s D.J. Hackett.

So that got me thinking what is going on with the guys on that list. We know about the Cowboys interest in Javon Walker, but could any of these other guys be hanging around looking for a call? Are the Cowboys considering a free agent WR besides Walker? Anyway, here’s what I found.

Bryant Johnson:

After an active weekend of shopping in the NFL's free agent market, the Bufffalo Bills target wide receiver Bryant Johnson next.

Johnson wrapped up talks with the Bills Monday. He has plans to visit other NFL teams but claims he wouldn't mind canceling them for a contract with Buffalo.

And here:

Johnson is definitely interested in the Bills as a potential employer. Advantages for the Bills, they have a #2 WR role open for the taking. Receivers coach Tyke Tolbert was his receivers coach in Arizona his rookie year so there's some familiarity there.

The only negative is Johnson does have another visit scheduled and it's with the Redskins.

Drew Carter:

Drew Carter, is getting looks. He’s scheduled to visit the Raiders and Buccaneers.

Both teams make sense. Carter has excellent deep speed and Raiders owner Al Davis has always loved to stretch the field with the passing game.

Jabar Gaffney:

Word is the {Vikings} have interest in one of New England’s free-agent receivers. No, it’s not Randy Moss. It’s Jabar Gaffney, who had 36 receptions for 449 yards and five touchdowns this season. Don’t know yet whether a visit is being set up for Gaffney.

D.J. Hackett:

Did Seahawks wide receiver D.J. Hackett overestimate his value on the open market? So far the oft-injured wide receiver has yet to make a free-agent visit, though his agent told a Web site that he expects the Buccaneers and Redskins to come calling this week.

I found nothing on Marty Booker, and for good reason.

After that, I thought about the other position where it’s at least been mention that the Cowboys are looking at free agents - running back. So I plucked some names off a list – there might be others, add them in the comments if you want – and decided to see what kind of action they were getting.

We know about Warrick Dunn and Tatum Bell, but here are some others still out there.

Derrick Ward:

Running back Derrick Ward has gotten a "lot of interest" in the first two days of free agency, according to his agent, Peter Schaffer. He did not say which teams he was talking to, though he did say he was already working on setting up visits.

Jesse Chatman:

Free-agent running back Jesse Chatman, who had a career-high 515 rushing yards and 27 catches for 161 yards with the Dolphins in 2007, will meet with the Jets on Wednesday.

TJ Duckett:

Running back T.J. Duckett is in Seattle for a free-agent visit. The Seahawks expressed interest in signing Duckett last year, but he ended up signing in Detroit. Duckett's size and success in goal-line situations three seasons ago when he scored eight touchdowns for Atlanta in 2005 point to the fact the Seahawks may see him as a solution to short-yardage struggles of the past two seasons.

And our own – err, ex-own – Julius Jones:

Julius Jones (Dallas Cowboys) will take a physical and visit with Lions officials but there's still no word if the Lions are interested in pursuing Falcons running back Warrick Dunn, who was released on Monday.

Others I looked up but couldn’t find any info on included the Titans Chris Brown and the Ravens Musa Smith.

Any of that interest any of you guys? Anybody not on my lists that should be? Let me know.

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