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A trade of dissapointments: Julius Jones possible visit to Lions; Tatum Bell to Dallas?

Amidst talks of Tatum Bell possibly coming Dallas, Julius Jones might visit with the Lions today to take his spot. Bell was part of the same draft class in 2004 when Julius Jones was drafted, and was a let down in Detroit after being traded for from Denver. It's curious that Julius Jones might pick Detroit if he is seeking another starting job; Julius would most likely be backing up Kevin Jones in Detroit.

Another running back the Cowboys could have aimed at, Mewelde Moore, is visiting with the Steelers today. I thought that Mewelde Moore would be a good, cheap pick up for the Cowboys and it is interesting to see him visit the Steelers who already have Najeh Davenport and Willie Parker. You would think that if the Cowboys showed some interest they could convince him he might see more playing time behind Marion Barber.

Hat tip to grapejoos for posting the news.

A new running back that might be thrown into the mix is Warrick Dunn. When Michael Turner signed in Atlanta, Dunn realized his playing days for the Falcons might be over and asked to be released.

A league source said several teams would have interest in Dunn, notably Houston, Dallas and Denver.


Dunn would like to play for a contender, which would make the Cowboys attractive. But Houston likely would be the front-runner for his services because of his success under [Texans assistant Alex] Gibbs and the belief that the Texans are a team on the rise.

The Cowboys are in need of depth behind Marion Barber and will look to the draft for a young speedy guy to back him up. The Cowboys would be smart, however, to make a play for one of the veterans still available to come in and help out in the backfield. Tatum Bell is still available but if the Falcons do release Dunn the Cowboys should at least inquire about his cost. Dunn has never had a huge season but plays well in the passing game and has the ability to be a change of pace back. Dunn is known around the league as a man of great character and his leadership abilities and experience in the backfield is something the Cowboys could find valuable. He is 33 years old though, but if  he is available for a low price he would be a decent addition to the Cowboys.

Personally I would prefer Tatum Bell based on his age but I also say you have to go for value as well. Who would you guys prefer?

Update [2008-3-3 14:38:20 by Brandon]: The Falcons have officially released Warrick Dunn.

Hat tip to thebigham for posting in his diary.


The Ranch Report is saying that the Cowboys could possibly land Javon Walker amidst reported wide spread league interest. Javon Walker has a great relationship with Cowboys receiver's coach Ray Sherman and the Ranch Report believes the Cowboys could have Walker in for a visit sometime in the next week. If the Cowboys are able to sign Walker, I would like for it to be an incentive laden contract; the knee injury is troubling and we already have a receiver dealing with that. The Eagles are also reportedly highly interested.


Well, Deon "Cricket" Anderson will get his chance to shine again. Oliver Hoyte was signed by the Chiefs.

KC also added Oliver Hoyte, a 6'3", 250 lb. fullback. Hoyte was a linebacker coming out of college and the Cowboys converted him to fullback.

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