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More Dallas Cowboys players speak about Pacman

It’s relatively quiet on the Dallas Cowboys news front. We’re all just waiting to see what will happen with Pacman. Speaking of Pac, Sam Hurd and Quincy Butler say they’d welcome Pacman in Dallas and claim that the Cowboys character guys in the locker room and front office would keep him out of trouble.

"We're like a family," Hurd said. "Everybody is going to treat you well and not let you be an individual and go out there and cause chaos and hurt the team.

"We're going to teach you and talk to you and let you know we love you."

"Look at Tank," Hurd said. "He was wild. He was doing a lot of crazy stuff. He came here and he calmed down. He's got people on this team he can hang around and associate with that want to know what he's doing off the field and that want to be part of his life outside the locker room."

"[Calvin Hill] really motivates young guys, especially ones with troubled pasts," Butler said.

Nick Eatman breaks down fan reaction to the possibility of Pacman lining up with the star on his helmet. Which group do you fall into?

Jerry Jones is going to get a gazillion-billion dollars for naming-rights to the new stadium.

BTB-regular Mullin has a diary up about Pacman’s desire to wear the #21 jersey in Dallas. I’m guessing Prime Time wouldn’t mind. And as noted, if you currently have a Julius Jones jersey, you win. #21 with the name Jones on the back would still be viable. Woo hoo!

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