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Pacman talks stall

The Pacman Saga continues to slowly wind its way through the offseason, with every step being cataloged and analyzed. (And yes, I’m as guilty as anybody of doing that). Today we have "news" that the talks between the Dallas Cowboys and the Tennessee Titans have stalled. Wait a minute? Wasn’t the deal done last night? Guess not, ESPN hits us up with the latest.

The Titans are seeking a fourth-round pick in this month's NFL draft and another selection next year, according to the source. The Cowboys are so far unwilling to provide either, believing they are the only team pursuing Jones, who remains suspended for violations of the personal-conduct policy.

Good move by Jerry. When the news broke that the Cowboys had an interest in Pacman a couple of weeks ago, there’s been a real momentum that the deal would happen. The Titans most likely got caught up in that momentum and thought they could squeeze Jerry. But it appears that the Cowboys are the only team bidding at the moment.  So he’s doing the right thing by slowing down that momentum and digging in at a low draft pick only.

Hat tip to Longhorn for the link in his diary.

Pacman’s agent concurs that no deal is done.

A report on said Jones has been dealt, but Manny Arora said he has been told nothing of the kind.

"You would think the Titans would tell me they had traded him if they had," Arora said.

Also, in the article, Arora continues to insist that other teams are interested. He also says they’ll be petitioning the league shortly for reinstatement.

Arora said he plans to have Jones apply for reinstatement to the NFL shortly after April 10. That is the one-year mark of the league's new behavior program.

So that’s the latest. Which led me to only one natural conclusion - put it to song.

Sung to the tune of The Beverly Hillbillies Theme Song.

Come and listen to a story about a man named Pac
A poor Mountaineer, Roger Goodell said he’s wack,
Then one day Jerry was looking for some "wow"
Pac said trade for me I want to join the Cows.

Cowboys that is, Dallas Texas, America’s Team.

Well what everybody knows is Jerry's a millionaire,
Pac’s agent said "Jerry, get him down there"
Said "Dallas is the place he ought to be"
So he loaded up the draft picks and moved Pac to the Valley.

Ranch, that is. Practice fields, helmets with stars.

(closing credits)

Well now its time for the fans to say hello to Pacman.
The strippers of the metroplex want for him to kindly drop in.
Pacman is invited back to this strip club,
To help make it rain and get a little rub

Lap dance, that is. Set a spell, Take your pants off.

Y'all come back now, y'hear?

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