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Pacman Jones: When will he land with the Cowboys?

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A lotta Pacman talk today. Some are saying Pacman Jones has already been traded to the ‘Boys, others say he hasn’t but he’s darn near close and others are reporting the news is no news.

The RotoTimes is reporting Adam Jones has been traded for a 5th round draft pick and that a press conference is scheduled for today. Now this could be a completely legitimate claim but I’m skeptical about it because this is the first time I’ve heard about the RotoTimes. You would think if this were true the larger media outlets would be aware of it. I’m more familiar with and they were citing NFL Network’s Adam Schefter who is claiming the deal is imminent but not yet consummated. Now they are citing the DMN Blog and they're saying nothing from nothing means nothing. They claim no news is imminent and both teams are talking but we'll just have to wait and see.

Apparently, the Titans want a third-round pick and Dallas is offering a sixth-rounder. I think that’s fair for a player the Titans are going to cut anyway.

So basically we’re back to where we started. We still don’t have Pacman Jones with a star on his helmet, we still have him expressing his desire to come here and we have the Titans resigned to the fact he’s probably gone.

Wow. Can’t we make this happen like yesterday please? I’m starting to get an itch like Bruce Dickinson. And it’s not cowbell I’m looking for. It’s Pacman Jones, gosh dangit. I’m getting sick and tired of all this waiting. Bring him to the Ponderosa, better known as Valley Ranch, sign him, let him give is obligatory mea culpa speech and let’s get on with the offseason shall we!

Hat tip for Heartburn and Mullin for posting diaries on the Pacman story here and here.

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