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Dallas Cowboys random articles

Peter King reports this from the owner’s meetings.

"The next 24 hours are crucial,'' a source close to the {Pacman} talks told me this morning. The Cowboys are offering a late 2007 draft choice and a minor player; ESPN's Ed Werder reported last night Tennessee wants two draft choices, one in 2008 and another next year.

Minor player? Here we go again. For some reason Rotoworld has inserted two names in parentheses which aren’t in King’s original story for the minor player. (Bobby Carpenter or Isaiah Stanback).

Long article on Jonathan Stewart.

Stewart tells us he has a scheduled visit with the Cowboys coming up in early April. A Marion Barber/Stewart combination could be scary. With Barber unsigned past this year, it would make a lot of sense.

Romo didn’t close very well at his golf tournament. (Insert playoff collapse joke here). I Kid!

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo finished T-34 at 19-over 303, a shot ahead of former U.S. Amateur runner-up and Walker Cup captain Buddy Marucci. Romo shot 2-under 69 in the third round, but closed with an 81.

Hashmarks reminds us we’ll be mixing it up with the Broncos in training camp. Remember last year the big dustup about the Cowboys/Broncos pre-season game, with the Cowboys blitzing and acting unseemly and all? Good times.

Speaking of offseason workouts. The Breerman has a good post on the rules around OTA’s and such.

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