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Tuna Helper wants a helping of Warrick Dunn, as he so eloquently described here. Turns out JJT does, too. Although I’m not sure if that will make TH feel better or worse. Dunn visited the Bucs on Monday, and now the Texans want in on Dunn.

We finally finalized the hiring of Brett Maxie to help Dave Campo coach the secondary.

As expected, Phillips has made his fifth and final staff addition by hiring Brett Maxie to assist Dave Campo in the secondary.

Maxie moved into his office and started work this week. His specific secondary responsibilities have yet to be finalized, but there's a chance he and Campo could split coaching duties between safeties and cornerbacks.

Here’s Romo on Brett Favre’s retirement via Hashmarks.

"Brett is someone that I always held in the highest regard, first as a young person who grew up in Wisconsin, and then as a fellow NFL quarterback. His style of play was as unique as it was effective. I admired his skills, his leadership, and especially his love for playing the game."

"You knew he was having fun when he played, and that made him fun to watch. He set the standard at the position for a long time, and I wish him and his family nothing but the best."

You can also visit Hashmarks and see why Michael Irvin and Troy Aikman thought Favre was trying to break the Playmaker’s fingers.

Romo is still a golfing fool.

The field for the Azalea Invitational golf tournament at the Country Club of Charleston has been blessed through the years with many of the country's top amateur golfers. The entry list for the 2008 tournament is no different with a sprinkling of U.S. Mid-Amateur champions, Walker Cup golfers, top collegians and highly rated juniors.

But one of this year's entrants, although a top golfer, is better known for another sport. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who carries a 1 handicap, has accepted an invitation to play in the event, scheduled for March 27-30.

Update [2008-3-5 13:21:6 by Dave Halprin (Grizz)]: I just realized some people might interpret my comment "Romo is still a golfing fool" as some kind of swipe at Romo. That wasn't the intent, it's great that Romo golfs and is so skilled at the game, good for him. I come from a family of fanatic golfers and the term "golfing fool" was just something that described an avid golfer. Carry on.

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